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Radio Tatas is a comedy, culture, and current events podcast based in Austin, Texas and hosted by Natalie and Lala. Home of Trucker Porn and WTF Are You Listening To? Contact us at radiotatas@gmail.com and 512 716 0773. Find us on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Twitter and Instagram (@radiotatas), Facebook (Radio Tatas) and platforms yet to be invented.


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December 2015
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For our 60th episode, we thought we'd peel back the curtain to reveal our true, joyous, ebullient selves to you, our beloved listeners.  You won't want to miss the merriment and cheer! We love you and life so very much!

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As 2015 draws to a close, it's time to share a new Lala holiday classic with our breasties.

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Our holiday episode will bring you cheer while delivering another original Radio Tatas Christmas song, discussing our favorite Matts, and being jolly as f**k.


If you've ever wanted to hear a low energy podcast filled with sadness, do we deliver on this one! But, don't worry, we recover in the last 10 minutes. Featuring international superstar, Kevin.


The Tatas celebrate Natalie's birthday, recap the weekend's most memorable moments, and share a heartwarming interpretive reading.  We return to geeking out about podcasts.

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The Tatas are unprepared but bring you an awesome interview with NYC comic Nate Fridson.

Follow Nate on Twitter at @natefridson and on Instagram @fridskins

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This week the Tatas are joined by comedian Aaron Brooks, we impress him with our tightly run show, and someone has a relapse.

Follow Aaron on Facebook and on Twitter @funnybrooks.


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The Tatas return to their regularly scheduled format. They were a little rusty, but managed to knock it out of the ballpark.


We’re trying out a new feature on the website with this Tatas on the Street. We’ve been told that if we blog, that will help us qualify for press credentials for future events, specifically comedy festivals. A lot of what we talk about is comedy, both local and national, so it makes sense to try to hone this writing component to meet even more comics. We’ll see how this goes and try to write a quick blog twice a month. Let us know what you think!
What a wild month October was, Breasties!! I went fishing, while Lala went to see live music, it was a Freaky Frida'y moment, but Lala was able to recruit show favorite JR the Plumber to "fill in" for me.  Luckily, I didn't have to clean up the mess he left!
We have been working on the anniversary episode which dropped on November 1, so had to take a break from reviewing new podcasts for the last few weeks.  However, we did post a file that lists every single podcast we've ever reviewed! It's available for download.  Check it out and find a new podcast out of some of our favorites!  We indexed the file so that if you want to hear our review, you can go back to the review episode.
The highlight of the month for me (and maybe even Lala) was getting to watch Dave Hill (aka my New York City boyfriend) open for Snoop Dogg at ACL Moody Theater.  What a night it was!! We got to talk to Dave for a little bit after the show and Lala caught several pictures of me where I am grinning ear to ear.  But, getting to see the Comedy Seance at the Spiderhouse Ballroom and getting my picture taken with Kurt Cobain reaffirmed that the Lady Warrior Mmmmatt Moment will get back to its usual format.
We have so many thanks to offer for those who contributed to our anniversary episode 53 - The #Warriors.  Lala put blood, sweat, and tears into putting it together.  I contributed ideas, suggestions, some audio editing, but she did the heavy lifting and had the vision for this project for probably a good 6 months.  Watching her cultivate and nurture this project has been awe-inspiring. There's no doubt in my mind that #Warriors and non-#Warriors are going to enjoy the telling of this very special story that we've been lucky to put together. 
One of our very favorite things about The #Warriors episode is working again with Matt Farley of Motern Media (www.moternmedia.com). He did a custom Radio Tatas song for us a while back and then really pulled a feat with the #Warriors song. It's perfection.  Buy his songs, buy his albums, support him any way you can.  He is a grassroots musical sensation. 
Coming up this month, the Tatas plan to get back to the regular routine and bring you new podcasts! We've got one special guest lined up for our breasties in November and we can’t wait to have them on!  

Thanks for reading! Love you, mean it!

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To commemorate our one year anniversary, we celebrate the five year anniversary of a group called the #Warriors. You hear us reference them frequently on our podcast and this is their story.

Song credit to Matt Farley of moternmedia.com


The Tatas celebrate the final episode of their first year together. They laugh, they sing and Dave Hill keeps showing up.


Natalie is back in the studio with Lala so they stray a little from the format to catch up on their freaky Friday trading places experience (Is that from a movie?). We also learn that Lala may be developing a slight addiction.


Natalie is out of town again, leaving Lala to her own devices. However, this time her guest host brings his own devices and it gets a little messy. We make it worth your while though, with our review of Star Wars Minute and Song Exploder.



We've been reviewing podcasts for a while now and it's time to compile the list of all the reviews so that you can be inspired to check out some great podcasts!


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The Tatas are back in studio, ready to talk about a variety of controversial subjects, but by the end, they're just trying to sell everyone questionable products.  Featuring Part 2 of Natalie's interview with Christian Spicer.

Follow Christian on Twitter @spicer

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Recorded in a bathroom in southern Arkansas, The Tatas prove they can make a show happen anywhere. This mess is saved by our first of a two-part interview, as Natalie sits down to talk with comedian Christian Spicer.

Go follow Christian on Twitter @spicer

While Lala is away bonding with nature, Natalie invites Martin Urbano into the studios to get her denim wet, discuss Dave Hill, and learn about basic anatomy.

Follow Martin Urbano on Twitter @martinurbano or on Facebook at Martin Urbano. 

Find Storyfellers at Storyfellers.podbean.com

This week the Tatas dole out a lot of podcast love and get some back, give BBQ tips, and fail at words. 

This week, Natalie gets married while Lala is still Noncommittal. Happy Birthday to everyone.

This week, the Tatas discuss life and death events, have a little fun in the inner colon, and discover another Ashley Madison leak.  This episode is dedicated to Minimeowy who will hopefully never hear this.

Thank you to our special and very tall guest for the disclaimer.

Thank you to Motern Media for the closing song.  

The Tatas abandon their regularly scheduled format. We left it all on the field in Temple. 

This week, we get back to our regularly scheduled format, Lala finally says fart, and Natalie gets Freudian.

This week the Tatas cross international borders to interview Canadian supercomic Tyler Morrison, cross customs, and start a culture war.

Find out more about Tyler at tylermorrison.ca , follow him on Twitter @TylerMorrison1 and listen to The Rude Dudes Podcast at talkhole.co/podcasts/rude-dudes (available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud)

Natalie is out of the country...again, leaving Lala injured and alone. Fortunately, special guest Justin Vali comes in and saves the day!

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The Tatas record late on a Saturday night, in a desperate attempt to get a Sunday off. Trucker Porn goes off the rails before it even begins, but you've already had an amazing shower. Stick with us til the end, it will melt your brain.

This week the Tatas sit down with comedian Ryan Cownie and discuss the pitfalls of being a vegan feminist child star in hip-hop.

The Tatas talk about Tom Brady and his comedy career, randomly break into quotes and song, and get grooming tips from Trucker Porn.


Thank you to our breastie Summer for the Trucker Porn script.

Lala reluctantly returns from sabbatical after Natalie has her uber-kidnapped. After a rough start, we find our footing and get back to doing what we do best, make each other laugh. 


Special shoutout to The Podcast Podcast for recording a clip for the Tatas. (ThePodcastPodcast.net)

Natalie is alone in the studio, but covers up with lots of audio featuring a retelling of her road trip to San Antonio to see Spanked With a Goody's 20 year reunion show, an attempt to locate Lala, and several heartfelt serenades.

Thank you to Rick Takac and his lovely wife, Chris Ewing, and Brent Dye for contributing to the SWAG reunion show clip. 

While Lala is in Chicago, Natalie welcomes Yazmeen to fill in.  We discuss snacks, business opportunities, and airport security. We also learn that Natalie should never teach math. 

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This week, the Tatas discuss Natalie's trip to Paris, provide helpful tips on podcasting, and hear from wistful listeners.

Thank you to Shelly for this week's Trucker Porn script.

On this episode, comedian Adam Wolf sits in with Lala, while Natalie is still in France. We take on the IRS, the Illuminati and discover a new definition of romance.

Natalie is out of the country and this is the first of two episodes where Lala is unattended. What does she do? She surrounds herself with men. Lots of men!

This week the Tatas talk about depression and a surefire treatment for it....comedy.

Natalie interviewed Ryan Brunty (@VegasRyan) to share his experiences with depression.  Ryan is the artist behind Yerman the Sad Yeti which was born out his own grief and is now used to share the message that it's ok to talk about depression. Ryan recently created the #PlasticSmiles campaign, a unique photography project designed to encourage people to not hide behind fake plastic smiles when they are suffering from depression.  You can visit ryanbrunty.com to learn more about Ryan's journey and his #DepressedMonsters and #PlasticSmiles projects.  His shop is at ryanbrunty.storenvy.com 

Ryan referred to The Jed Foundation (JedFoundation.org) which promotes emotional health and suicide prevention. 

Then, Lala brings us back to laughter in this week's WTF Are You Listening To? with Sure Thing Records' comedy album. 


This week, the Tatas ask the HARD questions, bring you The Truth, and discuss it Lady to Lady.

Episode 28 - Lala returns to a slew of calls and gives a refresher in etiquette, while Natalie is baffled by a new system of measurements.

This week's episode features fake Lala (Laura) and returning guest Brennen.  We fully take advantage of Lala being out of town. Expect Natalie to be severely punished next week.

This week The Tatas discuss misunderstood lyrics, misunderstood religion, and introduce their new roving reporter.

The Tatas reunite this week to discuss bowling, flying, science and music.

Natalie is out of town this week. How much trouble will get into Lala with her special guest, Brennen? And a special announcement is made.

Weeks this episode the, Tatas calibrate Lala's birthday with special guesteses.

On this week's episode The Tatas get ranty about rights, discuss sciency stuff, and do a blastoff of their own.

This week the Tatas take it to the court for an easy layup episode.

The Tatas answer your questions and go for a walk down mammary lane.

This week Lala is sick-er than usual and Natalie loves fruity pi.

After last week's intervention and a very rough week, The Tatas just want to get this one in the can.

On this episode we quickly learn that Natalie has a problem. It might be rehab time. 

We have a threesome for this very special Valentine's episode.  As usual, things get out of hand.

Lala experiences fear and self-loathing in Austin, Texas while Natalie fingers your earholes.

This week Natalie returns from Los Angeles and the sexual tension is palpable. Then The Tatas talk life, comedy, and the pursuit of religious freedom.

Lala is home alone, while Natalie soaks up sun, fun, and comedy in Los Angeles. Special Guest Warrior Dave, of The Ruca and Dave show, comes in to save the day. Enjoy the anarchy!

On this Episode, The Tatas are set up in a temporary place. The audio is so bad, we understand if you don't listen. If you can prove you listened...you can touch our tatas.

This week, the Tatas pay homage to Paris.

On this episode, the Tatas go down a John Hughes wormhole, talk about how they spent their holidays, and then.... balls. Just listen!